Tony Robbins tells you how to make money like a billionaire

When Life coach Tony Robbins asked enormously successful people how they built their wealth, he found many similarities in how they invest, save and handle money.


Success leaves clues. People who succeed at the highest level are not (just) lucky; they’re doing something differently. They zig when others zag, attack when others retreat. I’m interested in those people, and their relentless hunger to learn, grow, and achieve.

○ After watching the global financial system almost melt down, I began an amazing journey several years ago to find a way for individual investors to take control of their money in a system that seems rigged against them.

○ Four obsessions are distilled from the world’s most successful financial players. The few who actually do; versus the many who just talk.

• 1. Don’t lose.

• 2. Risk a little to make a lot.

• 3. Anticipate and diversify.

• 4. You’re never done. 

Knowledge-alone is not power, execution is. Just make a little bit of progress each day or each week, and before you know it, your path to financial freedom will be realized.

– ☼ Tony Robbins ☼ –

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