Why isn’t there any strong movement against the widely accepted racism against Asians?

Answer by Dave Cheng:

Because we're model minorities.  We're good at studying, saving money, and being meek. 

Because Asians aren't very good at expressing their anger.

Because we have too many Buddhas, Gandhis, and Jeremy Lins; and not enough Genghis Khans.

I do what I can*, but I'm only one guy.

See also: Dave Cheng's answer to Is the Jimmy Kimmel show's "kill everyone in China" comment offensive?

80-20 Initiative then made more or less the same point: the U.S. is an ultra politically-correct and sensitive place, but not when it comes to Asians. 

Normally, politicians, the media, and public figures are super careful about being misquoted or potentially offensive when it comes to race, but this disappears when we're talking about Asians. 

In the last few years: Miley Cyrus and her friends thought it was ok to make chink eyes [1].  Rosie O'Donnell thought it was ok to make chink noises [2].  Pop bands think it's ok to sing about stabbin' illegal ninja pussy [3].  Radio stations think it's ok to say "we love you long time" on a billboard [4].  Seth McFarlane thinks it's ok to offer the same portrayal of Asian neighbors as Breakfast at Tiffany's [5]

None of these celebrities would do black-face or put on a Swastika in jest.  None of them would think for even a fucking second about saying "let's kill all the Jews" or "let's kill all the gays" or "let's kill all the Native Americans" or "let's kill all the [insert European, American or African race/nationality/ethnicity/cultural group]."

What's offensive is that Western media doesn't recognize what might offend or get taken out of context or might appear racist or is actually racist [6] when it comes to Asian Americans.

When Jeremy Lin got racial epithets hurled at him on the court and when he got passed over by recruiters, he didn't complain.  He quietly worked harder.

When Danny Chen got hazed in the army, he didn't complain.  He just quietly killed himself.

The message is that there's no need to be sensitive when it comes to Asians because Asians are meek model minorities and aren't going to raise a fuss.

Fuck that.  I'm angry as all fuck [7], and I'm not alone.

11/13 UPDATE: Snarky response from a Chinese marketing firm: Viral Video Explains Why America Shouldn’t ‘Kill Everyone In China'

While the video appears to be in good humor, what might be worrying for Kimmel is that the story doesn't appear to be going away, even though Kimmel and ABC have apologized, and the video itself was pulled by ABC when the controversy began. We'd imagine that in the future, TV producers may be a bit more careful when they mention China — a country of 1.3 billion people that no one wants to upset.


The excuse that was offered for the picture above is that it has an Asian in it who seems to be ok with it.  Ummm, he looks awkward and embarrassed to me, and I notice that he's the only one not squinting or pulling on his eyes…

[2] Rosie Apologizes for Asian Joke on The View
Ching chong

[3] Day Above Ground – Asian Girlzhttp://rock.rapgenius.com/Day-ab…

[4] Billboard FAIL Reads 'We Love You Long Time'
White Sexual Imperialism: “Me Love you long Time”

[5] Compare this: http://hefferbrew.com/2012/07/03…
[after Jones punches through the wall into Ted's Chinese neighbor's apartment]
Asian Man 'Ming': You break my wall! This my home long time! You break my wall, you bastard men!
John Bennett: We're sorry! It was an accident, okay?
Asian Man 'Ming': I try to make duck dinner, now plaster everywhere!
John Bennett: Okay, look. Can we just talk about this? What's you name? I'm John.
Asian Man 'Ming': My name Wang Ming!
Sam Jones: Ming?
[Jones starts seeing him dressed as Ming from Flash Gordon]
Asian Man 'Ming': You break down wall! This bullshit! This all bullshit!

As an Asian-American, I found the Asian neighbor scene extremely offensive. Why can’t there be just a normal Asian person who speaks English normally foronce? Ken Jeong’s characters while totally crazy, at least don’t fit neatly into a box of stereotypes. Unlike the Asian man in “Ted”.

Can anyone imagine the outrage if that had been a black person, eating fried chicken and watermelon, and dancing to loud rap music? I honestly think Macfarlane would have loved to rip on Jews, or gays, or blacks but he knows that those groups will openly protest his movie if he did. But it’s OK to bash on Asians.

To this: I.Y. Yunioshi
The 25 Most Infamous Yellow Face Film Performances


San Francisco plane crash: Asiana Airlines mulling legal action after TV station used racist, false names of pilots

[7] Dave Cheng's answer to What does it mean to be Asian American?

*I am NOT a model minority.  I am the angriest, laziest, most selfish, and most arrogant person I know: Dave Cheng's answer to What does it mean to be Asian American?

I have a 12" dick: How do you develop confidence when you have nothing to be confident about?

I get mad as all fuck when someone (correctly) assumes I'm a mainland chink: Dave Cheng's answer to Why do Chinese people have such an extremely, notoriously low moral quality?

Why isn't there any strong movement against the widely accepted racism against Asians?

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