What Will the Republican Senate Be Like?

Republicans promise that if they seize the majority, they’ll stop Obama—and stop the Washington gridlock. Can they really do both?

Source: www.theatlantic.com

Streamline and reduce (if not eliminate outright) taxes; pass comprehensive Immigration-Reform; repeal gun-control laws; pass Keystone Pipeline; expand offshore drilling and domestic oil exports; repeal, rescind, abrogate Obamacare; Dismantle social-welfare programs such as the affordable care act; Aid to Families with Dependent Children; housing subsidies. Prohibit subprime mortgages, loans and eliminate default credit-swaps; free-floating credit; and investment in junk bonds and securities. Reform trade-agreements and loosen restrictions on business to expand the free-market. Overturn Affirmative action. Toughen criminal and civil penalties for bad-acts and wrongdoing. Escalate war against ISIS and Al Queda in Syria and Iraq; the Taliban in Afghanistan; and our enemies worldwide. Increase domestic training, hiring, and spending on infrastructure, consumer durables, construction, defense and military contractors, and security, police, and prison industries in an effort to improve the G.D.P. and American economic fundamentals.

A Republican Party agenda would likely try to implement the majority of these goals; but a presidential veto by Barack Obama or a future Democratic Party president like Hillary Clinton would likely block these efforts.

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