Relax, Your Sexual Fantasies Aren’t All That Strange

New research finds we indulge in a wide variety of erotic fantasies.


The proportion of women acknowledging submissive fantasies is not negligible; Being sexually dominated (64.6 percent), being tied up for sexual pleasure (52.1 percent), being spanked or whipped (36.3 percent), and being forced to have sex (28.9 percent) are all reported by significant proportions of women.

The same sexual fantasies are also reported by significant proportions of men (53.2, 46.2 and 3.7 percent respectively). The fantasy of being dominated is significantly greater for women than for men, on average, whereas the fantasy of dominating is statistically stronger for men than for women, on average.

Reports of submission fantasies are significantly associated with reports of domination fantasies indicating that these fantasy themes are not separate or in opposition.

The percentages of women and men fantasizing about homosexual activities significantly exceed the percentages of (publicly) declared bisexuality or homosexuality.

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