How is the game of chess similar to life?

Answer by Eyad Hylooz:

1. If you want to kill someone, take their place (or give it away).

2. You need to climb all the way up the hill to get promoted.

3. Smaller pieces protect bigger ones. Vice versa is not as true.

4. Bigger pieces live longer by sacrifying smaller ones.

5. The king's wittiest killer is the queen.

6. Animals (horses in this case) can be smarter than humans (particularly bishops).

7. Protect the king, and you're pinned!

8. Eleven males and a female. Female leads from behind. Female kills. Female gets protected. Pawns die to save female. Armies fight. Pawn leaves board to allow queen back.

Female complains of gender discrimination.

9. White leftists stay distant from the king. Black leftists sit around him.

10. A good strategy gives advantage; but lets be real: tempo, material and being white ARE advantage.

How is the game of chess similar to life?

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