Transhumanism and the Will to Power

A critical note on transhumanist organizational structure. I am always a bit amused upon hearing other people’s concerns about transhumanism and even transhumanists themselves (depicted as influential, intimidating and even dangerous). Although many transhumanist ideas may sound disruptive and revolutionary to the average citizen, transhumanists themselves are far less the doers, but rather passive observers and theorists.


If Transhumanism is to be a force to be reckoned with – as influential as some people are concerned about – it needs people to have the "will to Power" (Friedrich Nietzsche); ‘the main driving force in humans: achievement, ambition, the striving to reach the highest possible-position in Life.’

Ironically; transhumanists who are from the external (sidelines) often associated with Nietzschean-philosophy seem to lack the "will to power" that successful and effective businesspeople, politicians and social-activists display in spades; to an embarrassment in riches…

Although many Transhumanist ideas may sound disruptive and revolutionary to the average-citizen; transhumanists are far less the doers; but rather passive-observers and theorists commentating profusely; but more often than not; indirectly, peripherally involved. The actual science and decision-making; often AGAINST science; are done mostly by others.

A considerable majority of transhumanists seem to be ‘armchair-transhumanists,’ i.e. observers, theorists; waiting and hoping for the ‘Singularity’ to happen. So where are the transhumanist-politicians, multi-billion $$$ company-executives, high-level consultants and socio-economic elites?

via Alexander Sabatelli (Houston, Texas)

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