What is Ashton Kutcher doing next?

Answer by Ashton Kutcher:

  1. I'm about to be a father.  I think this is the most important job a man can have in life.  Carlos Slim once said, "Most people try to make a better world for our children when what they should be doing is making better children for our world."
  2. I'm shooting the final season of Two and a Half Men.
  3. Building a new media platform called aplus A+ News & Stories with the mission of telling stories that Make a Difference.
  4. Continuing to support Entrepreneurs through my investment vehicle.
  5. Building my foundation Thorn in an effort to continue to create technology tools to fight the sexual exploitation of children.
  6. Exploring other acting and directing opportunities.
  7. Looking for talented people to help with these endeavors

What is Ashton Kutcher doing next?

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